Yatha Dharma Tatha Jaya!

Jai Shri Ram!

Team Dharma is grateful for the sustained support from the Hindu community in the Board elections for Shri Ram Mandir last week.

In Feb 2017, we knew that many Muslims and Christians had registered to vote in the temple elections. By their own admittance, the other team floated by Raj Sharma and Ashish Nayyar, – Richa Sharma, Shrikanth Bongu, Gagan Shori, Neelam Rana and Badal Bhujel – actively supported by Kartar Wadhwa, Mukul Awasthi, and the two priests – Puspa Koirala and Kashi Khanal, were responsible for registering non-Hindus to win the election.

Team Dharma came together less than 2 months before the election with tremendous support from Hindu organizations and community leaders, with the objective to win this election and restore the sanctity of the temple for devout Hindus. It was a close election, with five Team Dharma nominees trailing by 76 to 118 votes, a margin much smaller than the non-Hindu votes.

Points to note:
1. About 200 non-Hindus voted against Team Dharma. This election was decided by their vote.
2. Two temple priests, Puspa Koirala and Kashi Khanal, campaigned against Team Dharma, registering people without their knowledge and misleading them on issues.
3. The other team has planned to take control of the temple for more than a year now. They overlooked rules and crossed ethical boundaries during the membership drive and the elections. The campaign was run on falsehood. Many of their posts on social networks were removed the day after the election to avoid further questions. They have no response to direct questions.
4. Members of the other team created a Paypal account with a Team Dharma nominee’s name and residential address to register two Muslims, called a Team Dharma supporter late at night and asking him why he is calling and recording it to post that Team Dharma is harassing their supporters with late night calls, and physically assaulted folks in front of the temple.
5. About 200 Team Dharma supporters could not come in to vote. If every Hindu who had pledged support to Team Dharma had voted – we would have won.
6. Lastly, we cannot forget the Hindus who did not lend their voice in support of Team Dharma – some decided to ignore the issue, some refused to come out against a Muslim-supported Board in a Hindu temple. Beware of these so-called Hinduism supporters, their commitment is missing when it is most needed.
This election is a wake-up call. If we do not unite to protect our culture and our places of worship, the Hindu community will find itself compromised and controlled by Muslims and Hindus influenced by them even in this day and age.

We hope new teams from the Hindu community will emerge to take the Hindu Unity message forward.

Jai Shri Ram!
Team Dharma