Please take a few minutes to review these links:

  1. Raj Sharma initiates a Lawsuit to bully directors(Feb 8, 2015)
  2. Intervention by Board to save Hindu Foundation and Mandir(June 3, 2016) IMPORTANT
  3. Court order to remove Raj Sharma; appoint an administrator(September 23, 2016)
  4. Motion for Contempt and Relief against Raj, Kartar, Gagan, Ashish Nayyar(October 10, 2016)
  5. Judge Memo to end Raj’s resistance to giving up the Mandir keys(October 20, 2016)
  6. Election Guidelines under Temporary Administrator (Nathan White)(December 29, 2016)

One-Page Summaries:

  1. Team Raj brings in non-Hindu Members
  2. Raj Sharma calls Police on founding director for trespassing
  3. Notice to Gagan; Kartar; Mukul; Badal; Ashish; Kewal
  4. Summary of causes for Board Intervention
  5. Gagan sends newsletter misleading people about land purchase
  6. Team Raj uses Mandir funds for personal Legal defense


  1. One side (Raj Sharma’s) team has spurned proper governance of the Mandir – in order to keep control.
  2. They made a brazen attempt to fire or terminate 4 of the 5 BoDs, in violation of the By-Laws of the temple
  3. They lied about the purchase of land for the new Mandir, and solicited funds giving devotees the impression that land had already been purchased
  4. They have been consistently financially non-transparent
  5. They have used temple funds to pay for legal fees for their own personal defense
  6. Called the police on one of the founding Directors of the temple accusing him of being a trespasser
  7. They manipulated the appointment of the manager who would assist the Court appointed administrator
  8. And they are now attempting to bankroll / manipulate this election, by Registering Non-Hindus I.e. Muslims and Christians
  9. Key players in Raj Sharma’s team are the same even though publicly they are distancing themselves from the misdeeds
  10. Identity theft by someone in Team Raj in order to make it look like a Team Dharma Board nominee signed up two Muslim voters

This is the choice before our community. Please be sure to come  to Ram Mandir at (221 W Parker Road #470, Plano, Texas 75023) and vote on April 22 and 23, 2017 in person.